Jónína Guðnadóttir
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Waters teeming with
Fyrri mynd Mynd 1/12 Næsta mynd
Guardian spirits – A journey begun long ago – Exhibition in Hafnarborg 2009
In the course of a career spanning nearly forty years, Jónína has developed a highly personal visual vocabulary that refers with equal ease to everyday objects and to abstract forms and the purely conceptual. Her subjects are varied and give a clear indication of her ceaseless research and sensitivity to all things human: To questions of our origin, to the spirit of our time, and, not least, to our natural surroundings and the mystery and energy that imbues them.

Jónína returns to the same themes again and again, analysing them and developing them further so that her presentation of them becomes both deeper and clearer with every exhibition. Though her exhibitions testify to her highly personal approach they also reflect the developments in Icelandic contemporary art over the last decade, not least if we look at how Jónína has incorporated specifically Icelandic subjects into her work – the land, the people, and their history.

Pétrún Pétursdóttir, director of Hafnarborg – The Hafnarfjörður Institute of Culture and Fine Art