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Waters teeming with
Fyrri mynd Glereðla / Glass lizard Mynd 1/29 Næsta mynd
Waters teeming with life
„Jónína Guðnadóttir’s exhibitions are invariable interesting, well thought and well executed in a mature progressive style applied to complex but structured subjects. She pursues several lines of thought and they carry over from one exhibition to the net, shifting into focus in new contexts and revealing new shades of meaning, new lines of inquiry.“

„In this exhibition, Waters teeming with life, there is an installation about the West-Fjords of Iceland, a mountainous and relatively isolated area where the artist’s family ties run.“ „... The combination of this installation with the other works, with their air of timelessness and exotic worlds, is a comment on our situation, our complex and dangerous relationship to our environment and the inexhaustible richness of detail and meaning that is there to be discovered.“

Jón Proppé

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