Jónína Guðnadóttir
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Waters teeming with
Fyrri mynd Mynd 1/5 Næsta mynd
Existential minimalism: Exhibition at The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands Sept-Oct 2012
In Jónína Guðnadóttir’s art, Minimalism is to a certain degree connected to the concentration of the form demanded by the ceramic medium. This is not the whole truth, though, as her reliefs are most often composed of separate pieces, and their rigorous arrangement of dark forms in combination with the white wall live up to the minimalist dictum: “less is more”. As in other minimalistic Icelandic art, the conceptual content is of central concern to Jónína Guðnadóttir. Her artworks deal with the modern Icelandic identity, viewed on the one hand from within the framework of modern consumer society, and on the other hand from the perspective of more fundamental issues such as landscape, rural culture and mythology. And it seems the latter concern is becoming more and more important in her later works.

Nils Ohrt, Director of the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands